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Time for some TLC? Yes please.

TLCIn a day dotted with news of reunions, with rumours of The Smiths unfortunately untrue (ehem, music-news.com!), some very good news, and actually based on credible sources, is TLC’s return to the stage!  Tionne T Boz Watkins  and Rozondo Chilli Thomas have reportedly booked a comeback tour to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of Lisa Left-Eye Lopes – with the rapper appearing on a screen.

Whilst of course the reunion will carry the sadness of the tragic loss of Left Eye, the comeback tour will be a great celebration of an incredible talent and a band which provided serious, empowering messages in songs that got in your head, had you hitting the replay button and, to this day, have many women feeling inspired.

Getting a ticket to this one.

TLC Silly Ho

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