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Rita Ora on Later….with Jools Holland

‘R.I.P. to the girl you used to see, Her days are over, baby she’s over’

Rita Ora performed her single R.I.P. on the 1st of May outing of Later…with Jools Holland. The track samples one of my favourite songs (Chase and Status’ remix of Heartbeat by Nneka) so I can’t help but like it.

It has been well documented that the song was first offered to Rihanna and so, subsequently, comparisons have been made in abundance. Yes R.I.P. does sound similar to a Rihanna track, with the official video looking a bit too similar to something Rihanna would do – however, it is a good song and Rita’s voice makes it her own.

I didn’t think of Rihanna once when watching the Jools Holland performance, nor did I think Rita was trying to mimic any other artist. I just thought the same thing I always do when I hear her – the girl has talent.

I’m really excited to see what Miss Ora is going to do next. What about you?


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