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Cover I’m Loving:Marina and The Diamonds-Boyfriend (Justin Bieber)

‘When I was your girlfriend, you always let me go’ This is my second post about Marina and The Diamonds in the past few days, but hey she’s great! Marina popped in to the folk at Live Lounge last week to perform some tracks from her new album, with her appearance including the customary Live […]

The Smiths to Reform?

According to recent reports from The Smiths are set to reform! The band, who split acrimoniously in 1987, are rumoured to have been inspired by the recent reunion of other bands, such as The Stone Roses and, having set their differences aside, look set to make an announcement very soon. Despite their clashes in […]

Marina and the Diamonds is back with ‘Electra Heart’

Marina and the Diamonds is back with ‘Electra Heart’

‘You don’t love me. Big fucking deal’ Marina and the Diamonds is back with her second album Electra Heart two years after she released The Family Jewels. I really enjoyed Marina’s last album, and although she referred to it as a failure, it had great songs such as Obsessions and Hollywood. Despite Marina’s own thoughts, I have big hopes for […]

Then fall apart in parts.

I have been listening to ALOT of Lykke Li lately. Although I had flirted with the idea of sitting down and giving her offerings a proper listen for some time I must admit I just never really did – for no particular reason at all to be honest. Whilst I had heard many great things and […]