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Marina and the Diamonds is back with ‘Electra Heart’

‘You don’t love me. Big fucking deal’

Marina and the Diamonds is back with her second album Electra Heart two years after she released The Family Jewels. I really enjoyed Marina’s last album, and although she referred to it as a failure, it had great songs such as Obsessions and Hollywood. Despite Marina’s own thoughts, I have big hopes for this album and, if Starring Role is anything to go by, it’s going to be a little gem. This record was co-written and produced by the likes of Greg Kurstin and Dr Luke and looks at a variety of identities and themes – one of which is the break-up of a relationship, as delved in to in the brilliant Starring Role (below).

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Deadmau5, Professor Meowingtons and Sonos

Deadmau5 makes some toast and listens to a playlist on Sonos whilst hanging out with his cat Professor Meowingtons. Cool ad, cool cat.

See the ad below:

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Grimes on Later….with Jools Holland

Grimes performed ‘Genesis’ from her new album on Later on April 24th. I really like her stuff and see bigger things for her.

I also really like her  – just from reading about her failed 2009 adventure down the Mississippi River on a DIY boat with potatoes and live chickens. My kind of gal. You can read more about her boating adventure  here: http://pitchfork.com/news/45488-the-tale-of-grimes-insane-2009-houseboat-adventure-the-best-thing-youll-read-all-day/

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Lana Del Rey’s Goodbye Kiss is ‘fucking beautiful’

Serge Pizzorno, the member of Kasabian who looks like he just walked off a stage in the 1970’s and was somehow transported to the current day, has described Lana Del Rey’s cover of their single ‘Goodbye Kiss’ as ‘fucking beautiful’  in an interview with NME. Del Reys version, which you can hear below, seems to be a thank you to the group for their cover of her hit ‘Video Games’ – a move which Serge describes as ‘proper old school’.

Whilst I love Kasabian I have to admit I prefer Lana Del Rey’s version. There is something about her voice that suits it perfectly, and although of course the original is great, I just keep finding myself going back to LDR’s outing.

It is very, very rare that a cover is better than the original – and I think this is a testament to both Del Rey’s and Pizzorno’s capabilities. Although the writing talents of the Kasabian mastermind have always, rightfully, been acknowledged, the debate over the talents of Del Rey continues to rumble on.

This is a debate that I can’t really understand. Yes her infamous outing on SNL may not have been amazing – but her previous performance on Later……with Jools Holland was great. In addition, each song on her album tells a story, with her smooth, old-school vocals illustrating it in colour and emotion. And whilst many refer to the controversy over whether or not a major label was secretly orchestrating her seemingly organic rise to stardom I for one don’t care. I just appreciate the music and, if her entire YouTube rise really was a PR campaign, I am actually quite impressed. Del Rey has talent, both vocally and as a song-writer, and if it took a team of publicists to get her music heard than so be it – because it is worth hearing.

This version of ‘Goodbye Kiss’ makes me hope for a collaboration between Pizzorno and Del Rey – now that would be fucking beautiful!


Then fall apart in parts.

I have been listening to ALOT of Lykke Li lately. Although I had flirted with the idea of sitting down and giving her offerings a proper listen for some time I must admit I just never really did – for no particular reason at all to be honest. Whilst I had heard many great things and knew she had been around for a while, something just stopped me.

And how I regret waiting. 

Now I am going through what can only be described as the weirdest break-up ever (see: each of us refuse to move out of the house we share as a matter of pride and one-upmanship) and I am finding myself curling up to her unique and seriously beautiful songs each night rather than said ex-boyfriend/current ‘house mate’. The one which I continue to play is ‘Until We Bleed’ which, if you are aware of the song, the title of this post borrows a line from. The song, a collaboration with Kleerup, depicts the age-old tale of a relationship that is toxic but yet one which you just aren’t strong enough to walk away from – despite knowing it’s not good for either of you.

The song, like all amazing pieces, feels like it was written for me, to me. It describes the last year or so of my relationship. It captures my pain, my feelings of helplessness, the sadness, the bittersweet acceptance…..and the everything else.

Whilst it was featured in an episode of Misfits UK, the song hasn’t received much notice – in the mainstream press anyway. And, whilst Adele (who I love) captured everyones post-break up, nostalgic mood, ‘Until We Bleed’ takes the ugly moments before you are strong enough to walk away and turns them in to a beautiful, and somehow comforting, record.

Take a listen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPRt2r3QemwImage